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Saved My Career & Reputation

“In 2011 I was “caught up” in a legal nightmare related to my ownership and use of a firearm. As a law abiding, registered and dutiful firearms enthusiast and collector I had never expected to one day find myself answering to a court and face life changing criminal charges.
Addressing a possibility of a minimum 5 year jail term, irreversible damage to my personal and professional life, the stress that unfamiliarity of being classified a criminal creates, and the reality of losing well over $25,000 in a firearms collection, I contacted Nicholas, whom I had personally know for well over 30 years.
Nicholas immediately addressed my remand, arranged bail conditions that were very unobtrusive to my business or lifestyle, advised my spouse and family accordingly on the process so as not to add to the stress that such circumstances incur and prepared me for the Legal process that was to follow.
Within 8 months Nicholas had skillfully addressed 8 of the 9 charges against me outside the Court venue, by due diligence in research and pointing out the arresting police officers misunderstanding of the Canadian Firearms Regulations as they pertain to ownership and transportation of firearms. Of the remaining last charge, Nicholas was impressive upon the Judge to instruct the Police to return our property, and issue a reasonable and limited penalty – that again was un-intrusive to my family and career.
There is no question that Nicholas Preovolos went above the call of duty as a friend, and used his talent so that I can continue to work, travel and enjoy my family and hobby without the consequences that come about when police officers rush to make arrests via lack information and resources to accurately assess a situation or call.

I thank you (Nick), as my wife and children thank you, who benefit by my ability to provide for them.”

5 / 5 stars