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Computer Crimes

Vancouver Computer Crimes Lawyer

Computers are amazing tools, and the capability of computer technology is increasing on an almost-daily basis. Just a few decades ago, people used large, clunky desktop computers and a telephone line to “dial in” to the world wide web; now, phones that fit in your pocket, glasses you wear, and watches on your wrist all have the ability to keep you connected to your world. Computers have also turned seemingly-ordinary devices such as coffee makers and automobiles into technological wonders.

But just as computers can be put to many positive and beneficial uses, computers can also be used to commit criminal activity. Because of the severe harm that can result from computer crimes, these types of criminal acts are typically prosecuted aggressively and punished severely with heavy fines and lengthy periods of incarceration. The assistance of knowledgeable defense counsel is required in order to secure the best results if you find yourself accused of a computer crime.

Types of Computer Crimes

Some of the more common types of computer crimes people find themselves accused of include:

  • Identity theft, which involves unlawfully using the personal information of another person. It does not matter if any actual harm resulted to the victim; the fact that the person utilized his or her personal information is enough for criminal liability;
  • “White collar” crimes, which can include money laundering, electronic theft, and other financial crimes committed using a computer;
  • Child pornography, a crime that is punished especially severely (for obvious reasons). The pornographic images do not need to be transmitted to anyone in order for a crime to have occurred. For instance, a person can still be charged with child pornography if police lawfully discover pornographic images of children on a person’s computer; and
  • Threats/harassment, which can be transmitted using computers. Individuals may feel more secure making threats on another’s safety or otherwise harassing them because of the anonymity that computers can provide.

Can I Win My Computer Crimes Case?

Being charged with a computer crime may seem like a hopeless situation, especially if you are not technologically savvy. That is why it is important to retain the services of defense counsel who is experienced in defending against computer crime charges. Such an attorney is not only knowledgeable about what the government needs to prove from a legal standpoint, but he or she should also have access to computer experts who can challenge the evidence the prosecution will use against you.

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