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New Westminster Criminal Defence Lawyers

Always a bustling center of industry and commerce, New Westminster has evolved from a center for lumber and fishing to one where high-tech and fiber-optic technologies are developed and improved. If you live or work in New Westminster, criminal charges can mean the loss of your:

  • job
  • reputation and standing in the community
  • liberty and freedom.

Your misdemeanor or felony case may be tried to the Supreme Court located in New Westminster. Before your case reaches trial, however, call the experienced criminal defense team at N.J. Preovolos Law Corporation for assistance. Our years of experience representing clients throughout British Columbia means that we can assist you in obtaining a favorable outcome regardless of the severity of the charge(s) you are facing.

Vancouver Criminal Defence Lawyers

If you are charged with a criminal offense in like DUI or domestic violence in Vancouver, our legal team can provide you with experienced and effective assistance. Whether you are charged with a minor violation or are facing serious criminal charges, our firm’s familiarity with the Vancouver court system, including the judges and prosecutors, means that our clients gain a distinct advantage that can help successfully resolve your criminal charges quickly. Call us today at (604) 688-5055 or contact us online to discuss your criminal matter with our experienced legal team.

Burnaby Criminal Defence Lawyers

Burnaby is British Columbia’s third-largest city and holds a special place of importance to the team at N.J. Preovolos Law Corporation. Nicholas J. Preovolos, founder of N.J. Preovolos Law Corporation grew up in Burnaby. He attended Twelfth Avenue Elementary, Edmonds Junior Secondary School, and Burnaby Center Senior Secondary School. Our firm remains deeply committed to helping the residents of Burnaby who find themselves facing criminal charges.

Surrey Criminal Defence Lawyers

Boasting the second-largest population in British Columbia, residents of Surrey charged with committing a criminal offense in the area will have their cases heard and decided at the Surrey Provincial Court. N.J. Preovolos Law Corporation maintains an office location in Surrey, allowing us to provide the residents of Surrey with our experience and knowledge in order to assist them in defending themselves against their charges.

Coquitlam Criminal Defence Lawyers

Part of the Tri-Cities area, Coquitlam is home to many arts and cultural attractions as well as other recreational activities. N.J. Preovolos Law Corporation is proud to be a part of the Coquitlam community and is available to help those residents of Coquitlam who find themselves charged with a sex-related offense, a homicide offense, or any other misdemeanor or felony charge.

Port Coquitlam Criminal Defence Lawyers

Also, part of the Tri-Cities, Port Coquitlam is also conveniently located near Vancouver and near the offices of N.J. Preovolos Law Corporation. Even if your charges are tried in the Port Coquitlam Provincial Court, the town’s proximity to our Vancouver-area offices means that we can quickly travel to you and meet with you if you have been arrested and/or charged with a crime.

Abbotsford Criminal Defence Lawyers

Located outside Vancouver in the Fraser Valley Regional District, Abbotsford is located near the U.S.-Canadian border and a significant drive away from Vancouver. This does not mean the residents of Abbotsford are immune from being charged with committing criminal offenses. When they are so charged, they need experienced and dedicated legal representation to safeguard their freedom and rights.

Chilliwack Criminal Defence Lawyers

The second-largest city in the Fraser Valley Regional District, Chilliwack’s remoteness from the “big-city-feel” of Vancouver (which is located approximately 100 km away) makes the city ideal for those who like to engage in nature activities like camping, hiking, and fishing. Even out in these more serene parts of British Columbia, however, residents and tourists can easily find themselves facing criminal charges and in need of legal assistance.

Contact us today at N.J. Preovolos Law Corporation if you need assistance in any of these areas.