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Peace Bonds: Peace of Mind?

Written by Nicholas Preovolos on March 16, 2015

What is a Peace Bond? In simple terms, a peace bond is a promise to abide by certain conditions on threat of criminal prosecution and liability for a sum of money.  Legally, a peace bond is imposed by court order.  The order requires the intended subject of the peace bond to enter into a “recognizance”, […]

Civil Forfeiture: Criminal Law in Disguise

Written by Nicholas Preovolos on March 16, 2015

It is heartening to see national papers like the Globe and Mail and the National Post turn a critical eye to British Columbia’s civil forfeiture regime. In British Columbia, the Civil Forfeiture Act has been in effect for several years, but only occasionally has attracted the interest of the media. It’s kind of sad that it took the involvement of […]

Deportation from Canada for Criminal Convictions

Written by Nicholas Preovolos on March 16, 2015

If you are charged with a criminal offence and you are not a Canadian citizen, your immigration status in Canada and your right to remain in the country might be in jeopardy. In fact, it is not just charges under the Criminal Code of Canada that can cause problems. Offences under any other federal legislation such as […]

Plea Bargains and Joint Submissions

Written by Nicholas Preovolos on March 16, 2015

By definition, a plea bargain is an agreement between the accused and the Crown to resolve an outstanding set of charges. It can be as limited as an agreement which requires the accused to plead guilty to a specific charge and requires the Crown to stay other charges. Alternatively it can be as broad as an […]

Americans Traveling to Canada: Leave Your Guns at Home

Written by Nicholas Preovolos on March 16, 2015

If you’re an American and planning to visit Canada, whatever you do, leave your guns at home! Every year hundreds of Americans show up at the Canada-U.S. border with guns or rifles, and either fail to declare them to Canada’s border guards (Canada’s Customs and Border Services Agency (CBSA)), or deny having any firearms with […]