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Best New Year’s Resolution? Erase Your Criminal Record

Written by Nicholas Preovolos on January 17, 2022
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A new year is a time to look towards the future. According to data cited by the Globe and Mail, more than two-thirds of Canadians report that they make a New Year’s resolution. The central purpose of a New Year’s resolution is to take action that will help improve one’s life. If you have a […]

Merry Christmas From N.J. Preovolos Law Corporation

Written by Nicholas Preovolos on December 15, 2021

At N.J. Preovolos Law Corporation, our team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. From our family to your family, we hope that you have a wonderful and joyous holiday season!  Christmas and Holiday Events in New Westminster, Vancouver, and British Columbia There are a number of great Christmas […]

Halloween and Sex Offenders – How to Protect Your Children

Written by Nicholas Preovolos on October 15, 2021

The costumes are not what scare many parents on Halloween. Most parents fear that their child may be abducted or worse on Halloween. When children are out in costume, unattended, and late at night on Halloween, it is easy to see why parents worry about kidnappings. The event provides cover for thieves. Many states and […]

What is Aggravated Assault?

Written by Nicholas Preovolos on September 14, 2021

Anyone can be a victim of assault. At the same time, assault can be perpetrated by anyone regardless of their gender, age and color. Attempted severe physical harm is a form of aggravated assault that ignores a person’s existence. Assaults categorized as aggravated typically involve a weapon, the victim’s status, the perpetrator’s intent, and the […]

How to Report Domestic Violence

Written by Nicholas Preovolos on August 19, 2021
woman crying

If you or someone you know has been involved in domestic violence, know that you are not alone. 85% of victims of domestic violence are women. However, men, children, and elderly family members can also be domestic violence victims. The saddest part about domestic violence cases is victims adopt enduring habits, delaying their justice. Most […]